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Diary of Santi Molezun. Written sincerely and in the first person. Where we will know in an intimate way the life of the author, outside of clichés or stereotypes of preconceived ideas of the character of television and social networks. From this page you can also book an appointment for a consultation with him, or follow him to read this blog as it is updated.

Diary of a Warlock
Diary of a Warlock


"I don't know to what extent writing what one feels, thinks or lives internally is good or bad, but I do know that reaching

I write from bed
Diary of a Warlock

December 6

Today, December 6, is a holiday, one of those days in which one stays at home to enjoy their interval

Diary of a Warlock

December 7

Today has been a good day at work, I am frankly exhausted, mailing letters to different people with different problems and concerns is a task

Reality Show on TV
Diary of a Warlock

December 8

We are again on Holy Day, it dates from: "The Immaculate Conception", Oxum, my spiritual mother. Congratulations mom! I have offered myself all morning to

The Chronicles of Narnia
Diary of a Warlock

December 9

Today the siren rang at 9:30 in the morning, every day I get up at this time, I have had my 100 gr of chicken breast for breakfast

Lowered Shutters
Diary of a Warlock

December 10

One Saturday when I woke up late, around 13:30 p.m., the culmination of a Saturnine morning inside my bedroom with

Mobile ringing at night
Diary of a Warlock

December 11

Today, Sunday, I woke up with the histrionic sound of my mobile phone, which I forgot to turn off when I went to bed, at 6 in the morning

door of my house
Diary of a Warlock

December 12

Today, Monday, "Shorty" has "poltergeisted" the furniture in three rooms of my house as I asked. I have decided to change everything from place to place again, always

Christmas is coming
Diary of a Warlock

December 13

What a day for clients, I have not stopped reading oracles for the new year, the magic work done with Mr.

Diary of a Warlock

December 14

Lately I have the feeling that something is going to happen to me, I'm sniffing around an important fact in my life, but I can't qualify it. It's hard

Piazzolla Tango
Diary of a Warlock

December 15

Tonight Dani took me to see a concert by the Royal Philharmonic of Galicia, conducted by the conductor, Maestro Manuel

Tuareg Prince
Diary of a Warlock

December 16

These days there is a lavish full Moon, today's is in Cancer, it shows that all people are revolutionized. My query has been

ephemeral wealth
Diary of a Warlock

December 17

Today Saturday I woke up late again, until 2 in the afternoon I managed to rest all those hours that I kept behind. I attended, among others, the

love for destiny
Diary of a Warlock

December 18

Incredible story of a consultation today, she had been married for 28 long years, when she was 21 she entered into marriage with that man 10 years older than her,

The Castle of Wonder Minds
Diary of a Warlock

December 19

There is no turning back dear diary, you have just gone public, a journalist has found out about your existence and has taken you out on

starry christmas
Diary of a Warlock

December 20

These days dear diary I have not lived breath, because I have been ill, I am not in good condition lately, I have extreme pain, which sometimes

Hell Christmas
Diary of a Warlock

December 24

Today I went to eat at my mother's house, first I went to buy some gifts for my nephews: "Aida" and "Mateo", they enjoy