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Today Saturday I woke up late again, until 2 in the afternoon I managed to rest all those hours that I kept behind.
I attended, among others, at 18:00 p.m. to a good regular client who a few years ago received the succulent sum of 500 million of the old and non-existent pesetas... Incredible, but she is not happy and that money has done nothing more than bring you all kinds of personal problems.

As I have already mentioned, all kinds of people come to my office, but there is a group of clients who have the peculiarity of being rotten rich. Each time it is a more extensive group, what at first seemed to me a collector's anecdote, has become commonplace over the years. I have become fashionable among an elite of people who swim in molten gold, who have breakfast with diamonds and who believe in me as their luxury seer. This complicates my prices, increasingly on the rise.

I love studying these people, seeing how they have managed to succeed financially. Some have achieved it without effort, by their own surnames or those of their husband, but there are others who have achieved it by working or with their intelligence. I have learned a lot from the latter by listening to them.

Only a few, in which this client has been, have achieved their wealth through chance.
It is the latter who tell me how this money has negatively changed their existence, ruining their partner, their family and their lives. Those who have become millionaires at once and were not before.

When we play the lottery, pool or primitive we never think about everything that can come our way. We take it for granted that this prize will help us to be happy, but many times it is just the opposite.
My millionaire clients always complain: about love, friendship and personal relationships, sometimes about their health or a terminal child... Nothing your money can change! And I imagine if it is frustrating not being able to help change some situation in the life of someone we love, how much more can it be, if you have all the money in the world to be able to change it but nevertheless you can't do anything...

He who has friends and love wants money, he who has wealth wants love and sincere friendships, he who has health seeks love and money to enjoy it, he who has gold seeks someone to share it with and a healthy life to live it and be able to delight it .
"It never rains to everyone's liking" and we all look for what we don't have.

This is what I learn every day in my office, while I watch that red Versace threatening my sensitivity, full of doubts and questions about the true position of people.

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