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Mobile ringing at night

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Today Sunday, I woke up with the histrionic sound of my mobile phone, which I forgot to turn off when I went to bed, at 6 in the morning a client shook me threatening me, nothing new, she is an unbalanced woman and the things she does are like her, I answered , hold the guy and went back to sleep.

Nothing abnormal except who is the subject that performs the action: a popular big sister, who not too long ago commissioned me to do a magic job with the intention of destroying a person.
In his day I refused among other things because I personally know the victim, also a client of mine. A great media professional whom I never intend to harm.

The fame-hungry schizophrenic doesn't stop tiring me into doing it, she even offers me succulent sums of money that I doubt I have, fame isn't always linked to power, I have many friends with popular careers who don't have enough to pay the mortgage without him. ex's money...

I calmly fell asleep again and at 10:30 another courtesan brought me back to life, this time to ask for a telephone consultation, a judge's wife of about 65 years, this is indeed a lady! and an admirable person. Of course, such different people exist in the same colorin world.
Ten minutes later the meow of my cats sounded, scratching my door and wanting to fill their mouths, they had woken up with so much glamor and spatial sound, another day of rest lost. I wonder when I'll be able to sleep soundly without so much aristocratic interruption.

My secretary answers all the calls but not the ones from my cell phone, I'll end up diverting them to her. But of course, then who puts up with my mother yelling at me because she was "a subnormal" she answered the phone...

Immediately after giving my 10 cats and 2 dogs breakfast, I went back to bed. I found myself upset. Galicia is a cold and wet land full of mornings like this one. Sometimes you don't feel like getting out of bed because it's cold! That's why love is made so much.

At 14:30 p.m. I plucked up my courage, took a finger out of bed and then the rest of my body, I got up praying for courage, turned on the heating, ran to the shower and boiled myself in very hot water, the only individual way to get to get a comfortable temperature in a short time. Lather up with my favorite soap: "Cariaquito Morado", it is a fabulous soap that helps you get rid of accumulated sadness and gives you joy of living. And I started to be a person.

I spent the afternoon at home cleaning and taking the opportunity to rest as long as I could. It is always at the end of the year when more people consult their destiny, to see what the new cycle awaits, so I need to breathe a little.
At the planetary time of Venus, I made a pending love spell to try to unite two people and another at the time of Mercury to raise a recently opened business of an important designer and friend, we are in Crescent Moon, which is the right moon to make them and today is Sunday, the ideal day, wild card for any witchcraft.
I am not given to talking too much about my magic work, I find it embarrassing and pathetic to bring to the public eye an act that is exclusively individual and private. I do not believe or practice dogma for dogma, doctrine for doctrine, I do not follow religions and instead I have been through all of them.

My magic, the one I use, is thought, the whispered word, mental control in the alpha state, together with the spirits that protect me and help me make things happen, some with their strength and power, others with their influence on a succession of events, which lead to the chosen path or goal that is intended.

I have worked with ease since I was a child: with water, fire, earth and air, it is not difficult for me to communicate with the forces of nature and with those outside of it, they work for me and I for them, above God is below me and below me there are many beings...

With witchcraft and my spells I whisper secret words, languages ​​of the soul, that make things happen or "happen again" in the loop of life, when they can happen and sometimes even without divine permission.
I am not the one who can change death, or who can make us all win the lottery, nor who is going to predict all kinds of events, there are more than we could predict, they happen every moment, Is it possible to talk to all the people on earth and that is why the language ceases to exist?.

I can predict what will come to a person but not to an entire country, to thousands of people together who have nothing to do with each other, not to an entire earth. I do not predict historical facts, only the past, present and future of individual people and I am not always right, I have some mistakes, especially dates and times, I am not God. It depends on how he feels on me, on my strength and brilliance, which obviously isn't always the same.

It is not a global clairvoyance, but a selective one. The client does not have to speak at all, not even half a word and I speak to him: about his past, present and what is to come, but not about what is going to happen to his whole family as a whole since each one is an individual and each one has a particular past, present and future. This is very important to understand my work. My faculties are raw, polished by the experience of 41 years, I don't need clues of any kind.

I cannot do everything, I cannot heal anyone, and I cannot intervene in something that God does not want to change, due to karma (every action has a dynamic force that is expressed and influences the successive lives of the individual). But I can intervene in what the human has screwed up, changed or bent, I can return it to its place, or help it to stand alone or even more, there is never an exact limit, each case is a world.

I can destroy and I can build, but it does not depend on me, but on all the forces that I move and that I have the blessing of God. "My" God is not just, he is not uncommunicative, he is not sexist, but he is freedom, he is respect. His conscience of good and evil is not Catholic and neither is mine. The things that he allows me to change: a love, a job, a business, a success in something are small things for his source. The other won't even let me touch it.

It's hard to explain this, but my power lies in who I am and what I'm here to do. Something that surpasses all logic of this century, but it does not surpass the logic of the centuries to come, even if you do not know them yet.
I do not believe that the human being is only reasoning, or that he is only spirit and in time the two things will be equally valued and worth taking into account. Without ridicule of ignorance or exploitation of mass religions. I can be very bad and do a lot of damage, because I am prepared for it and I have a lot of internal evil, my nature is devastating, I am and I can be extremely bad, at the same time I am and I try to be the best version of myself, not to win heaven , but because my heart is still that of an angel, although fallen.
I possess, order and communicate the spirit of people living or dead and I feel their thoughts, and emotions, before and while I do it. And with witchcraft I try to subtract karma from a cycle that a living or dead being goes through, so that that person or whatever it is, with his own thought, reaches his desire.

Everything we strongly desire ends up being fulfilled, because we put it in our way and if we temporarily remove this karma we get it sooner. It is impossible for me to remove it completely, I am not the one to alter the learning of any spirit, it is not allowed. Some things, even if we want them with all the strength in the world, never happen at the time that one wants them, but later and sometimes outside of our current life.
After a while, karma returns and the being lives what he had to live, learns what he had to learn and suffers what he had to suffer, it is the universal law. I don't avoid this, I can't, I can usually entertain destiny for a while, so that you can kiss a star or caress a phoenix in flight with your hands.

At night I went to the cinema to see: "Elsa & Fred" with "Manuel Alexandre", the fantastic "China Zorrilla" and "Blanca Portillo" among others. I thought it was fabulous, it excited me, I think it's beautiful, I wouldn't change a thing, it's a sublime comedy, fabulous in dialogues. The shots are a cult of nature and the actors are splendid. The only thing I didn't like is the detail of the baby cat, which is abandoned to its fate in the precious scene of the scene from La Dolce Vita, I think the director must have avoided this detail and made it appear at the end of the film in Fred's hands when it ends.
I went to bed late, since Dani and I went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. Another day that I have skipped the diet. But who are we going to tell?

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