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Today, Monday, "Shorty" has "poltergeisted" the furniture in three rooms of my house as I asked. I've decided to move everything around again, I'm always moving things around, it makes me feel good and it relaxes me to see everything moved, the scenery of my life now transmuted.

Shorty is my "assistant", he works for me cleaning the house, taking care of the cats and walking the dogs. His real name is "Diego" and he is only 19 years old. Argentinean from the city of Buenos Aires living in Compostela: he sings wonderfully, composes, plays the guitar and moves everywhere on the street always on skates. He is dark like a handsome, sexy, short Moorish man with a good body, but unfortunately straight... we always harass him half jokingly, half seriously, day and night, but without success... one of many platonic loves without end and without beginning! therefore, every being gay inevitably passes through the phases of his imaginary platonic sexual life.

The house is the mirror of who lives in it, mine is a cluster of entities, old furniture and knickknacks in which there is never room for anything.
I live in an old building with spacious rooms and very high ceilings, the walls have: paintings, photos, drawings and papier-mâché figures, everything that can be hung. The chaos of color reigns in the decoration of my home, as in my life. I have chosen to paint it according to Fen Shui, because of the “compass school” which is what I practice, that is why each room is a different color.

The room in the south is fame, the one in the southeast is money, the one in the south west is love, the north is work, the northwest is travel and friends, etc., each one has its function. and its correlation with the events of our day to day.

The shelves have no more space to store books, videos, papers, decorations or more families. Disorder reigns with order and the baroque detail. The «Diogenes syndrome» with magic and style.

I always accumulate memories, I don't throw anything away, I have a hard time getting rid of things! I love each one because they all have their own story and if you put them together they are a narrative of our lives.
It is true that when I work up my courage I do a general cleaning like today, I threw away all those phases of my life that I prefer to do without, I move everything from place to change my environment, with the intention of changing my life something. This helps me feel good, a good season and invokes it.

The same thing happens to me when I change my phone, I always feel that a new mobile will bring me new calls, opportunities and dreams, that it will be the mobile that will accompany me in a new phase of my path, it gives me very good "chi" to start it, I always important things happen when I do it, it brings me very good luck to record names in his virgin agenda and start fuchicar from scratch, this is because my mind clearly visualizes his desire to move. And it really mutates my life, caused by me and the psychotrony of the subconscious. When I format my computer's hard drive, three quarters of the same thing happens to me.

Changes that generate changes, symmetries of thought in everyday life that will alter our environment as well as our interior, we only need to move them, erase them or release them and they literally make our life renew. Doesn't it seem simple to you?

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