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Incredible story of a consultation today, she had been married for 28 long years, when she was 21 she entered into marriage with that man 10 years older than her, through the church.
He anxiously wanted to leave his parents' house, and decided to embark on a love that dazzled his ears, with the experience of a dozen more years. The marriage lasted almost thirty, but ended badly, and she separated from him a year ago.

Just before this marriage she had another relationship, a boy whom she left, due to other people's and family problems... a person with whom she was always in love.
However, the paths of both were separated, he married another woman and she with her current ex-husband.

Now, 29 years later, this man appears again in her life, a widower, alone, good-looking and still in love with her... And she sighs again, a teenage love at 50 years old.
Doesn't life know of more captivating movie scripts than those of the best screenwriter?
All these stories are karmic in essence, they show once again that destiny is completely capricious and that it is written in the stars, that what has to be, is and will be.

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