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Hell Christmas

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Today I went to eat at my mother's house, first I went to buy some gifts for my nephews: "Aida" and "Mateo", they enjoy these dates with the illusion that the rest of us lack, that's why I wanted to participate in that morning dawn happiness, helping old Santa Claus.

I have not seen anyone in my office all day, it seems as if people do not remember the muses of destiny the day before Christmas.
My stores have been empty, not even the air of a dead man has entered to see my magic items, not even the postman has come.

These are dates where people don't worry about their daily anxieties, but rather "try" to be happy.
However, I have opened my shops, I have come to work as a normal day and I have taken the opportunity to sweep the floor of the entire premises and write to you. Sweeping is not valued as it should be, when you do this action you are also sweeping the energy of the place, that is why it is recommended to sweep from the inside out, from back to front, from top to bottom, to renew it and clean it of "bad vibes" .

Dani accompanied me until 19:00 p.m., when he went to his family's house to prepare dinner with his mother and brothers. Earlier he has come to see us a close friend of my partner. He is recording an album with a major label and will soon release it in Spain and South America: «Ángel Montero» is a very good and completely androgynous artist, his voice is a torrent of tones, always singing at all hours and talking about himself. Of Dani's friends, he is one of the ones I love the most, despite his crazy self-centeredness and his constant mood swings.

I've been left alone: ​​with Greta and Mora, my dogs, they are lying here by my side while I dance on the keyboard and read tacky sms that friends and acquaintances compulsively send me to my mobile phone, to congratulate me on these colorful and cold holidays.

What horror of little messages! You have to be tacky to write such holocausts of good taste:
I will write you some of the most horrific or typical ones that have come to me, I hope that their authors never read this blog…:

Life is full of little joys... Art consists in discovering them. Happy Christmas days. And good luck for the new year. Kisses
(Well this one is not so bad, although it is in the typical folder)

It takes a minute to see a special person. An hour to appreciate it. One day to love her and then… A lifetime to forget her. Merry Christmas (This one I don't quite understand what he intends to tell me with him)

When a child smiles at us. When the old man gives us peace. When love surrounds us. When the illusion is always there. When there is no more hate. When there is no fighting. When we are all one. When we make the world a home. So today, tomorrow and always... we will live in CHRISTMAS. With my best wishes LOVE AND PEACE. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THOUSANDS OF KISSES from all my heart. (This author of her forgive me, she is the most tacky thing I've seen this year, she takes the Oscar to the tacky)

Laugh, sing, give a smile, forget the bad, take the good, think about what you like, and above all... DREAM. MERRY CHRISTMAS. WISHES YOU. The author (Let's protect her privacy, this is another tacky one without talent)

These Christmas messages are always a corny set up for mass mailings that are not even personalized for each recipient, I mean normally their authors send them to the entire contact list of their mobile phone's address book..., sometimes to numbers that they don't even know. They have the name of the contact written down, so they don't even know who they are sending it to, which makes them, in my opinion, a very easy quickie to fulfill at these parties in which it seems that "we all have to love each other and be happy at all costs".

Today an Arab client who sells rugs in the market who stands in front of my shop window has also come to congratulate me on Christmas Eve. I have always attended this woman for free, for a couple of years and I have given her the merchandise from my store, everything she and her children have needed. I have also done some magic work for her for free, which has worked, and she is very grateful to me. Her whole family loves me and they constantly give me rugs, I don't know where to put them anymore! Humble and excessive people in thanks, who don't even speak Spanish, more than thanks, thanks, thanks...

On one occasion the residents of the town where they live tried to kick them out of the town, due to racism, xenophobia and mental stupidity, something that prevails in the villages. They constantly killed their dogs, every time they bought another little animal, they shot and killed him again... and the 5th murdered came desperate to see if I could help them.

I spoke with a lawyer friend, who works in the Environment at the "Xunta de Galicia" and asked her to intervene, she met with them and processed everything to be able to help them as much as possible, without charging them a single euro as well.
They solved their problems and I got them to live more peacefully.

Sometimes a sorcerer and his influences can against a whole town of cretins. There is nothing that infuriates me more than Galician caciquism and racial injustice. And the mistreatment of animals can harm me, if I see something like that I don't censor myself, I attack.

Christmas makes me sick, I don't have the slightest Christmas spirit this year, I'm like the one in that Christmas story, who lived without believing in white dates. And I doubt very much that I will have something that has been incinerated with all these troubles, but you know one thing, I don't care, maybe it should never have been there, because it has always been a huge and majestic lie, happiness, my beloved diary does not exist , is a chimera of self-deception and a huge lack of empathy towards those who lack it.

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