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Today has been a good day at work, I am frankly exhausted, sending the letters to different people with different problems and concerns is a very tiring task, just the fact of concentrating to be able to glimpse the result of the union of the different meanings of each letter tarot is something that overwhelms anyone, if we add to this all the energy that must be emanated to obtain the client's energy and translate it into predictions, the reader would understand the rigorous mental task involved in the concentration exercise that I do daily in my private sessions.
Individuals of all styles come to me: ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, old, young, fat, thin, tall and short... from all kinds of social positions and disparate trades, from judges to defendants, from thieves to policemen From designers to models, from actors to politicians, from housewives to businesswomen, prostitutes and celebrities, everyone comes to ask the oracle.

There are days that I have half an hour dead, in which no one comes or calls, they are hours that I happily take advantage of to design my advertising, write the script for my feature film, this blog, read and answer my mail and study new ways of reading the destiny.
I practice all kinds of mancias, and yet I never get tired of learning, I love polishing myself as a professional and above all discovering new formulas that excite me in an esoteric world that already tires me and bores me supremely.
I wonder: why is my job so criticized? for which I declare tax returns every three months, pay self-employment insurance, personal contract and help, or try to help, all those hundreds of lives that spend a month in front of my office chair. What's wrong with using a part of my mind to capture what already exists as soon as I'm born?: destiny.
Recently, in a television debate to which I was invited, a journalist from the Cope network instigated me to say how much I was paid, I told him my fees and, scandalized, he attacked me furiously accusing me of not working for free, I argued that just as he was paid for his job as a journalist I charged for mine, to which he replied that his job was a derivative of his career and that I nonetheless lacked it, to which I argued again: that if he didn't feel sorry for a guy with no studies, no career: no BUP or COU, has 6 employees, two stores, is successful on television, is his own boss, earns 4 times more than him and meets all kinds of unusual characters: – Consider then the validity of "your brilliant and respected career"!..., I told him.

Today when I got home I was asking myself in the car, what is necessary for envy to turn into gold?

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