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We are again on Holy Day, it dates from: "The Immaculate Conception", Oxum, my spiritual mother. Congratulations mom!

I have offered myself to sleep soundly all morning, although as I said, when it is leisure time and one considers resting, someone is always in charge of injuring your breathing. It's been like this for years, said and done, I had a call at 9:50 in the morning from "Professor Mercury", my partner in the Antena 3 Television reality show: "The Castle of Prodigious Minds".

_ Good morning Yupee, yupee!. Hello artist! I need the address of the client to whom we have to send the Astral chart on the 12th!… (she tells me firing telephone energy)
Good morning Mercury (I recited completely zombie, with one eye open and the other closed hidden under the sheet)
Mercury and I are rowing together lately in a mutual collaboration to conceive astrological charts for my clients. And also preparing a reiki course, he is a teacher, which he will give very soon in my city: Santiago de Compostela. We talked very often on the phone, what I didn't know was that Mercury didn't sleep on "Holy" mornings.
It doesn't matter, everything is forgiven, because he is an extraordinary person with whom you cannot be angry. A terrific Astrologer who looks like a mad scientist who invented the time machine.
He transmits peace and every time he chatters on the phone he is always pleased, he shows me the music he composes and I give him my opinion, the teacher is an inveterate composer, a lover of the Spanish guitar, an artist of the exoticism of anarchic sound. He is chaos, wrapped in love for creation and patience in search of the lost sound: “a big boy”.

He is currently composing a melody thought of me, which is called: «Exciting», where he combines Celtic sounds, electric bagpipes and Mercury sounds, a final mystery which I want to value. No one ever composed such a pleasant gift for me, a melody thinking of me and for me, what more could you ask for.

Of my companions in the Castle, «Mercury» is one of whom I treasure his friendship in the distance. With «Leevon Kennedy» I also continue in contact, we usually talk on messenger, and we detail our lives via the Internet. Leevon is capricious, stylish, extravagant, hysterical, shrill, controversial, elegant, attractive, mature and a super "show girl", she is a television woman, whether you like it or not, she always attracts attention. She has become like a sister to me. I would like her to return to Spain soon, since the program I have not seen her again and I miss her conversations until 3 in the morning, she is currently in her homeland: Argentina, and there she is a character with a high economic level, but I am completely sure that here it would be a television boom, it is completely media.

"Astyaro" also calls me from time to time, and we talk long and hard, the last time I heard from him was in Madrid, when I went to the gay pride demonstration, the parties in the wonderful and very timid neighborhood of: "Chueca" .

We had a few drinks together and talked around a table in a dark café where he was performing that night, he puts on illusionism shows that leave you perplexed. We harbor a beautiful friendship that I really think will last in time. He is a very serious, mature, responsible, intelligent character, with a lot of face and self-criticism, young like me, but with an experience in the esoteric world that needs to keep his eyes wide open. Astyaro is really good at his job, and he will stand out in all of Spain. He has been unfairly criticized in his intervention inside the Castle, for the evil of this country that he spoke about yesterday: envy. In my opinion, his intervention in the program has been brilliant and perfect, although with a lack of malice, which is necessary to continue being a television character and without it, from what you see, you don't eat here...

Events paraded in the Castle that have never come to the fore on the small screen, such as the almost daily nightly drunkenness of my dear friend: «Paco Porras» or the famous book that he himself was writing night after night, talking about each one of us and that he read to us, chapter by chapter, every day after eating. In the end it was never published, despite the fact that he assured that he was going to bring it to light when he left there and that he already had a publisher interested in doing it.

Nor did it come out that the «Bruja Lola» threw a huge tantrum: crying, screaming, taking toads and snakes out of her mouth against the producer: «Gest Music Endemol» for not having won the famous contest (with what she counted) . Apparently, they said, she had already agreed to several exclusives with various programs and magazines to hype her when she left the famous "victorious" castle. This was already agreed upon by her even before entering the program itself and she was indigestible by her self-centeredness when she lived her harsh reality. Astyaro was the winner and she... got "fucked up" and with it all her promotion plans agreed by her representative. Lola had plans to release her own album for that summer with a great song where the chorus said: «I'll put two black candles on you, I'll put two black candles on you!, «Bazura», mamarrracho, I'll make a gazpacho with you!» . And it was not because of the stupidity of the lyrics of the song that she was going to be successful, but because of the whole character that involved her in a decade where television reigned over the lives of the most ignorant.

About this, it was not broadcast on television when all the components of the Castle signed a contract with the important record company BMG (MG Rights Management GmbH), to record an album where each of us was going to sing a song, composed specifically for each participant, each of us chose the style of music we wanted to sing, I myself had chosen a rap and I signed that contract in the hotel hall before entering to compete in the reality show that would appear on: «Antena 3 Televisión». The songs would be composed by a very good and important composer, who turned out to be the manager and son-in-law of the famous "Bruja Lola", who literally stopped this process with private calls she made to her from the castle, once she meditated and saw that she We could remove the limelight from that album that she had already recorded with "other freaks" and that would come out that same summer.

They let us make a phone call once a week, a connection listened to and monitored by production, so that they couldn't tell us anything from the outside regarding the program, it was exactly 3 minutes each week, timed, we all talked to our families and couples at the ones we missed (in captivity emotions run high and nostalgia invades the minds of those who feel away from home), we all looked forward to that day. Lola no, she did not use that little time for her lack of affection, however she used it on several occasions to talk to her "manager" of her (involved in the summer project for the important "BMG") . Needless to say, the album was never recorded, I honestly think it was her fault. The apology they gave when the contest ended is that it was not recorded because the program was not successful enough, an apology not real, since when the contract for this album was signed, we had not yet started said reality show and we never started recording, despite because we didn't know how "successful" we were going to be.

She is a terribly selfish, vain and jealous woman, she thinks she is the sun and the others are the planets.

When the famous Mexican mentalist: "Astyaro", companion and friend of the program, had his birthday celebrated at the castle, on April 2, by the affectionate production of "Gest Music Endemol", a charming and loving people where They brought some mariachi to play and sing at a surprise meal and we were all given a delicious Mexican menu to eat, it was intended that Astyaro feel at home. He was very moved and cried, we entertained him with kisses, we detuned his happy birthday and we danced, all of us except her! Instead of congratulating him as her reality show companions did or giving her a kiss, she got furious because no one cared for her! He had celebrated his saint! Something that was not real, the production brought Lola a beautiful dress that same day so that she could put it on and be all pretty on her saint's day as a gift and she protested alleging that it was not worth it, and that it was a shame as The great one was being treated: «Lola Montero» and that the suit had not even been given to her!

She was like a capricious and spoiled girl, that day I did not lack the desire to give her a cake for being impertinent and send her to bed without dinner, but if she did, I knew she would not reach the end of the contest. And I, like everyone else, wanted to reach the last stage. I charged 3000 euros for each weekly gala, my goal was to charge as much as possible.

It didn't come out when the competitive "Count Luconi" argued with me, insulting me for being homosexual on the grounds that it was "unnatural." Or when the papa dressed, famous Italian seer: "Divino Otelma" fell in love with me and came to see me every night in my bed.

Or when Lola said that she heard footsteps at night in the rooms and that someone wanted to hurt her and she suspected that there was a fan inside the castle and that her life was in danger…poor, each one with their «reality». So many things, that I will tell you….

El Castillo did not have an audience, frankly, not the expected one, everyone says it was a bad program, but it has been and is a cult program, where everyone has talked about it but "no one has seen it"..., double standards of Spanish! …! who believes it?

Now I'm going to bed to watch a movie on dvd: «New Moon by Howar Hawks», dear diary, we continue tomorrow!.

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