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The Chronicles of Narnia

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Today the siren rang at 9:30 in the morning, every day I get up at this time, I have had my 100 gr of turkey breast for breakfast, my raw tomato with its cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and I have rushed to my store, which shooting star full milk. I don't know how I do it, but I always manage to be late everywhere.

This time it was because before going to work I went to a store to be taught how to use the DVD recorder that I had bought from them a month ago. This dvd reader recorder is a technical marvel! I bought it because I love to program and record everything I want to watch on television and I can't watch it because I'm not at home. It is recorded on a hard drive similar to the one that computers have and not on those cumbersome 240 or 380 minute video tapes that always end up damaged.

Once it's on the hard drive I can easily transfer it to a normal dvd. Also besides playing my vhs tapes, I can play what I have in my digital camera or video camera. It is a gadget that I recommend as a self-gift for Christmas, taking advantage of the fact that its price has dropped like everything electronic that first gets you a fortune and immediately drops like our “erect esteem” minutes after making love.

I have always liked electronic devices, I have been passionate about them since I was a child, I live baroquely surrounded by technology everywhere, it makes my life easier, although mine I think is already an obsession with the latest in technology, the practical for the practical , when they work they make your life easier and when they don't they get on your nerves. I always read and study the instructions, I enjoy everything that has buttons and lights like a dwarf, I think that if I were abducted by a UFO they would end up kicking me out of the ship because of a stump.

This weekend I will take the opportunity to record all my TV interviews on DVD, I am going to transfer them from VHS to DVD so that they do not deteriorate so much, some of them are frankly in poor condition due to the humidity and the passage of time. forgive nothing, or anyone.

Yesterday I showed my short: «In a corner of the Soul», a heartbreak short film loaded with symbolism, 20 minutes long, I could verify that I had lost at least 50% of quality on the videotape. A small film that is very important to me, which I directed, edited and created by writing its script in 1990. Too bad I didn't transfer it to another format before, although as the garbage lady from the «Fraguel» well said: – «Don't cry for spilled milk.
I've been thinking about it and I think it would be good to make my short known and send it to participate in some short film contests, I'll try to get a prize, but above all I'll enjoy making it public before it dies completely and stops being seen.

Sometimes we create true literary works of art, paintings, movies, and all kinds of genius that remain in the trunk of memories and nobody gets to enjoy them or even know about them, an authentic cascade of creativity settled in the closet of indifference . I refuse to watch my short film grow old and die in the video library in my living room.

The cinema is one of the things outside of esotericism that I have always been passionate about, I like to watch it, and I like to write scripts: narrative, literary, storyboards... my big dream is to become a good film director and one day to be able to do my reality scripts. «In a corner of the soul» has been my first contribution, I know it will not be the last.

Speaking of movies, tonight I went to see: «The Chronicles of Narnia», a film by «Andrew Adamson». I liked it because of its characters and the story, it is an adaptation of the children's books by «Clive Staples Lewis», I didn't like how it ends and how the last part of the film takes place, I think The White Witch played by «Tilda Swinton» ends Without pain or glory, I do not see strength in that witch and I think that the characterizations fall short with some characters such as the faun Lord Tumnus who I did not like his nose at all, instead General Otmin was very well characterized. The threshold of the closet could have given much more of itself and the older man has hardly any meaning or prominence, he is barely talked about. Apparently it was the first film for the 3 protagonists, and I think it shows in the youngest girl, it's a shame that it ended so badly..., it lasts almost 3 hours! The lion is fantastic, and he exudes magnificence and strength everywhere, he is powerful in each and every one of his movements, it is made by computer. I recommend it to you. If you like the lord of the rings you will like this one, because the writer of these books was very close to "Tolkien" and they liked the same things. He has a very good song by "Alanis Morrisette", one of my favorite singers that I'm passionate about.

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