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Santi MolezUn

I'm Santi Molezun

I am from Galicia

My name is Santiago, but everyone calls me Saints, in fact "Santiago" only appears on my ID, and my mother only used it when she did something wrong...: -Santiago come here…!!!.Santiago speaks well or I'll hit you with the slipper in your mouth!!!!

I prefer that you call me Santi, if you don't mind. Am Santi Molezún, as they said on TV: «He is already a trademark» (As if registering a trademark was something complicated…). But yes, indeed, it is real, I am a brand, although I am not just that.

I was born on July 28th,1970, ago already 52 years in my Galician land, in a magical city built in stone and full of rain: Santiago de Compostela.

I come from a bit of a “posh” family, well, the last name: “Molezun» is a surname of «category«I obviously say the category with irony, because no one has more category than anyone else for earning more money or for working in this or another profession, although some believe it more than others.

My great-grandfather was in factMayor of Coruña» and there is even an alley with his name in the city, it was called: «Canute Berea«, he was a musician and composer, he had one of the best music stores in the city and in Galicia. The great-grandfather, I have to clarify on the mother's side and not on the father's, that is, he was not Molezun but The beer.

On my father's side, my grandfather was a great multimillionaire, an emigrant in the city of ManzanilloCuba. He had countless houses, squares, ports, cotton plantations, directed poetry and literature magazines, promoted prominent Galician artists there in Cuba, and was one of the founders of the «vernacular theater«, a very famous genre of satirical and musical theater in Cuba…. Perhaps it is from him that I inherited that artistic side that would accompany me throughout my life.

No, I did not inherit anything, everything was taken from him by another Galician: «Fidel Castro«. Mechachi in the sea!

My father was chief of the national police of Santiago de Compostela, he had two careers: Science and Mathematics. He was also a teacher yoga and Self Defense. Over the years it became Army Colonel, he was in charge of the barracks now occupied by the Parliament building in Compostela. He belonged to the class of «weaver«, yes, the one who in 1983 tried a failed coup… and luckily…

my mother was born in Ceuta by chance, since she was the daughter of a military officer stationed there for a time, but she lived in Coruña Until I met my father. Catholic, she went to mass every Sunday, she was a very educated, elegant and simple woman, a great housewife who he cooked very well and that too sewed, I used to make clothes, I always remember lots of magazines with patterns: «Burda» on the table, fashion magazines that I still have. A great seamstress, who only worked for her daughters. She years later she had a fabric store in a town called: bertamirans en  Ames the store was called: «T-lar«, sold: curtains, blinds and fabrics by the kilo among many other fabrics. She always fixed us up and did our laundry. And I always pricked myself with a needle when trying on in front of the mirror.

My mother's character was amazing, she always responded with something that left you stunned and with all the sincerity in the world, regardless of what they would say or how you stayed after her sometimes hurtful words. My father's was more good-natured, more: "I'll let you do anything... but study..." They were both great, they raised me with all their love and I turned out the way I did... : Witch, TV seer, web designer, drag queen, queer, musician, artist, bad student, punk, rebellious, rude, contestón and anarchist. I generally have black humor, with others and with myself and I inherited my mother's character and my father's honesty and attractiveness.

I studied in good private schools... those in which at that time you either left full of repressions or you left more savage than you had entered, as in my case: «The Peleteiro School» and «La Salle». This last one of priests…, where I was in a religious group called: «Polaris» where we talked about the bible and God and did activities together… camps, masses, we sang religious songs etc…, “what is normal for any teenager”, they ended up inviting me to go to this religious group… they were not my only camps, also I was in a military one where we got up at 08:00 am to raise the flag and watch for it for a few minutes every morning and where we shit in some latrines created by ourselves...

I understand that all this is part of my past, therefore it can be used to understand a little about my current personality. Nothing has come by chance, everything is a cluster of experiences that lead to a personality like the one I have...

I also studied at a public institute: «Edward Pondal»Or«Institute of Conxo» during my punk adolescence, which lasted 9 years of colored hair combed, combs, shaved to zero and bangs to the mouth. I lived intensely the 80's. Love «The Cure», «Siouxsie and the Banshees», «Nina Hagen», «Sex Pistols», «The Clash», etc. My soundtrack was all the non-commercial bands I listened to night and day on a national radio station called: «Radius 3″. Every day I listened to music 24 hours a day, at full volume, I don't want to think what the neighbors would think of me... but surely nothing good. Tobacco smoke came out of my room, because all my 20 friends met daily in my room, a tiny blue "room" that was my cave, full of posters and photos cut out of the magazine: «rockdelux" Y "Disc Play» and stuck to the wall with black veils and a shower hung from the ceiling with tape. In it we spent hours and hours singing, smoking, laughing, talking… divine youth. Sometimes we would take a train without knowing where it was going to take us, without looking at its destination and we would go on an excursion to where it fell, with the guitars and the desire to have fun and disconnect. Others hitchhiked and where we arrived... without thinking about the return. My God, while I write all this, I wonder what the hell was in my head? I have a son like that and I put him in Peleteiro. Now I understand that my parents must have suffered a lot with me...

That's how I was, Santi Molezún punk

That's how I was, Santi Molezún punk

He played bass in a punk band: «punk the broa» instead of Broa bread, which was that characteristic and artisan bread made from Galician and Portuguese corn. We did not lack imagination and desire to reveal ourselves in the face of everything, sometimes I slept on the street, beat most classes, failed 7 and 8 subjects, that is, I only passed gymnastics or ethics... and sometimes not even that, not in vain I failed 2nd of bup dragging two of 1st and I repeated several courses before... I went out and spent the day with friends/as pimps, knife men, punks, rockers, heavys, bad guys, squatters and all that drug existed surrounded me 24 hours like now tobacco…, I was never a drug addict, I only smoked joints, nothing more… some of my friends ended up hooked on heroin, but luckily I never did. Although I did live with people who smoked horse in "albal paper" in front of me in a closed room.

I stopped studying, when I enrolled in one of the 50 states of America: Washington in a school of Dramatic Art. My parents had authorized me to do it and I was going to study theater and live USA. An adventure full of dreams and illusion in a 16-year-old head that was cut short by not authorizing the visa 5 times in a row exclusively because of my way of dressing and combing my hair. How I changed in the last photos, where I was dressed and combed more conventionally as a last option, and where I was also denied: "Because the consul couldn't get it into his head that I was only going to study in the US." At that time I had a different intelligence, a different maturity and all this made me feel very bad, I didn't know how to digest it, I didn't know what to do, I kept one foot in Spain and the other in my dreams of being an actor. Studying for it on another continent was not possible and my destiny changed radically. I had already given my new address to all my friends, I had said goodbye, they had even thrown me a party to wish me good luck. I stayed in Santiago, sad, bitter, I drank a lot and my aggressiveness increased. My father went to speak with the director of the institute: «Edward Pondall» to readmit me, but they told him that it was not possible, because "the course had already started" and that I also had a disciplinary council from the previous course, for having directed and starred in: «Little Red Riding Hood Porn» at the end-of-year festival in front of all parents, students and teachers. They didn't like my art…or the tomato-stained pads thrown out to the public. The then director of the center: «Encarna Otero», later well known for her role in the world of local, feminist and Galician politics, … she was a bit upset about that and I think she saw her wish come true to get rid of me. It should be noted that a decade later I voted for her in her political party, because I am not spiteful.

But anyway, thanks to this lady's decision that I couldn't continue studying the new course at the institute and so as not to lose a year of my life and then have to repeat the course again (I hadn't passed it either), it was when I I enrolled in: Photography in the School of Arts and Crafts. "Master Mateo«, where I must also say that I repeated another year and fell in love with a girl in class whom I loved madly, older than me, she gave me pumpkins for being a boy and I planned to study so as not to see her Was it not a gorgeous brainless romantic?

My parents enrolled me, as a last attempt with their black sheep, to do something useful in school: «CEV» Center for Image and Sound Studies, I really liked the world of television And I got the best grade in the whole school:Outstanding!. They were very expensive and specialized studios, many practices that taught me how the world of television was made from within.

Almost all my colleagues are now working in production companies, but not me. I directed and wrote a short film of 20 minutes, titled: «In a corner of the soul» based on the popular song of my beloved and admired: «Maria Dolores Pradera" and "Albert Cortez" several Advertising spots for television, and whoops!, I left it to dedicate myself exclusively to reading the letters, attending my consultation in full. Why didn't I continue? Well, I imagine that my destiny was going to be another… or that he didn't have any more money to continue doing expensive courses for posh people. It was 1990 and I had started working at a record store called: «laser disc» selling LPs, Maxis and Singles… they had me on trial for a month but I didn't pass it, they didn't like me!, and I dedicated myself to my new job: taking care of my uncle with síndrome de Down, whose eyes had just been operated on for cataracts, the instructions were that he could not put his hands to his eyes all night and my new job was to spend all night sitting up, looking at him while he slept, so that he would not touched and did not remove the blindfold. If he did, I had to hold his hands without waking him up... with him I spent the nights with my eyes wide as saucers and during the day I went to those classes of Sound and Vision at the price of gold. When they finished and I got such a mark I felt proud of myself, I had achieved it by myself! I think I had grown up suddenly, I had become a responsible being... vhs video…, that is to say, maturing little… I was left again without a penny and without studies.

I was "heterosexual", but with an unrecognized feeling towards the handsome boys I was attracted to, I liked them, but I thought it was in the form of admiration and friendship, in reality it wasn't true, what happened was that I liked them sexually, but still I did not know, I did not know it. I also liked girls and in fact I fell in love with them, he was very loving and romantic, so we could say that he was bisexual, without knowing it and passionate about women who always broke my heart. I had very beautiful and very special girlfriends, but something was always wrong, that I still did not know…. and that years later he would discover: THAT I AM MARICON.

From a very young age, from the age of 8, I was very interested in spiritualism, the afterlife, what is there after death? Where are we going? Can one communicate with the dead once they have left their body? That's why he did seances with people or completely alone from such a young age. My brother's books and magazines from Occult Sciences and read them secretly.

This is how he was as a child: Santi Molezún

This is how he was as a child: Santi Molezún

I did my first spiritualism session when I was only 8 years old, this may sound traumatic, because one always assumes that a child of this age is looking to play with his friends or just in his lollipop world, but as reality always surpasses fiction and the "normal" is sometimes only in the mental programming of those who educate us. I was not an unhappy child, I did not have traumas, I did not feel that I had no friends, on the contrary, I had good friends with whom I met up to play every day, but I locked myself in my room with a table of Ouija and I also talked to my other friends: The dead. Among them not very good entities… not good at all! They were the ones who programmed me to believe that I had powers, or gifts, and that I could help many people, know their destiny, possess their soul and with my childhood as a ship I undertook a journey in the sea of ​​the occult, until I reached the other shore, loneliness. Because you never have friends once is special. Absolutely everyone loves you exclusively for your gift. Sad but completely true.

41 years of profession, reading cards, pendulums, tarot, reading palm lines, tea and coffee grounds, reading African bones, runes, stones caught in the river or shells on the beach , automatic writing, rituals, potions, amulets, talismans, voodoo, white magic and black magic, poltergeist effects, eye reading, water, fire, stars, clouds, the face , from the bath foam… yes, also from the bath foam! My life has given a lot of itself, 40 years go a long way, when you want to learn, you are innovative and do not limit yourself.

However, in these 40 years in the "occult", I also did many more things, because when one has been dedicated to something for a long time, they need to disconnect in other directions that make them forget their reality and feel alive. I am an ambitious «man», I always have been, although now much less, and I have bet on different businesses, I have opened two esoteric shops, for 4 years, I have created a Fashion company: «Universal Fashion», where I have come to order dresses for very important and illustrious people, I have worked as Drag Queen dressed in dragformer and shaved from head to toe. Being my character : «Elvira the Galactic» very pretty, sexy, a bit rebellious too and very creative. We work in a group that we call: «The Queenpostelas«, which came to stand out a lot in Galicia, with bodyguards, with very constant performances and the media from all over Spain calling often. We could have continued, because we were pioneers in Galicia of the Drag movement, but everything ended like everything else, dying.

I have studied Photography, Image and Sound, getting a fantastic note in the latter as I have already told you, studied web designFlash MacromediaCinema 4DWordPressPhotoshop, which has allowed me to have a very broad general computer culture. I have spent the last 23 years of my life on computers. I have literally burned my eyes out in front of a screen.

I've had one very active television stage, being interviewed in various media and coming to present many programs on TV. The ego at that time wreaked havoc on me, but I was able to control it, although I admit that it was difficult, especially when I participated in a reality of a major tv network, where when I left I found a universe that was not the one I was used to. TV makes people stupid, those who watch it and those who make it, but it has something good, that you arrive in a very short time at the home of millions of viewers. I'm not saying I regret it, but I do take a close look at everything before I go back. I feel good doing TV, I'm good at it, but if I'm not interested in the project, I say no. Before, it was the opposite, I said yes to everything, it was a need to feel recognized, which I no longer have. Customers and followers go up when you do it and go down when you leave it, it's impressive.

Now that I am older or less of a child, I continue to regenerate. Since June 2016 I think music, I compose with the computer, electronic music, and I mix, I produce other artists and myself. My passion for the world of music has always been, but I had never dedicated myself to it since I played in «Punk The Broa» as a bassist.

This is a small summary of my life, of these 52 years. There is much more to tell, much, little by little you can read it if you want on this my website. You will get to know me more as a person and I will break the myth a little. Well, there is nothing worse than idealizing people and nothing better than knowing them up close, to always discover within them a close life and in many points similar to yours.


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