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Diary of a Warlock

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“I don't know to what extent writing what one feels, thinks or lives internally is good or bad, but I do know that reaching a disclosure of a thought is the beginning of the creation of a mental image, which can serve as a guide, of escape from one of the many symmetrical realities that you live every day, or a flight platform for the wings of your soul.

The fact is part of being, with each thing that happens to you you grow, shrink or mutate, every hour a little more, towards an enigma beginning and end of your existence, turning you into a monster, dead of inert life or something beautiful.

When you least expect it, most of the time you disappear and hardly leave anything in the world of the living.

This image torments me, perhaps that is why writing is a "self-therapy" for my Karma.

Knowing that what I write you will read and that when I leave it will remain in this world, comforts the anxiety of disappearing forever in silence. After pain always comes silence and the waves of oblivion. Do not forget me…

I am capable of writing for others, but I do it for myself, although I know that you read me, and that what I write transmits my thoughts to yours, I do not do it for you but for my heartbeat.

At 51 years of age, I live life in gulps, like someone who quenches thirst after a long run in the sun. How do you drink it? to drinks or to sips?.

Perhaps in this lies the essence of existence, savoring life without time and without degrees or caressing it with your fingers without touching it.

How do you live?

Reaching a goal does not fulfill you and you need to reach a different one from time to time, meanwhile you are losing your life, until when?

This diary aims to help my mind, my conscious and subconscious to remember the week, the month and the experiences that occur to me.

Being aware of my steps that I cannot retain in my memory for more than 24 hours. And a help to you, who don't remember what you learned, who don't remember that you know me.

Everything is forgotten, everything disappears when the tide rises, and erases my footprints in the sand”.

Santi Molezun

4 comments on “Preface”

  1. Maria Luisa

    Marisa….I like your diary…because it brings wisdom. Thank you friend thank you Namaste.

    1. santimolezun

      Thank you very much! I don't know if it brings wisdom, but the reality of my life, yes...

  2. Rachel

    Parabens, Santi! I am sure that this reading will be very rewarding 🙂

    1. santimolezun

      Many thanks!! I hope so…

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