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Diary of Santi Molezun. Written sincerely and in the first person. Where we will know in an intimate way the life of the author, outside of clichés or stereotypes of preconceived ideas of the character of television and social networks. From this page you can also book an appointment for a consultation with him, or follow him to read this blog as it is updated.

If the singer is silent
Diary of a Warlock

February 8

If the singer is silent, life is silent, because life itself is a song. If the singer is silent, hope, light and death die of fright.

Walking the Tightrope by James Mangold
Diary of a Warlock

February 9

«I miss your laugh, I miss your kisses, I miss your awakening. Every time the wind passes, it takes a flower, I think that never

Very Important People
Diary of a Warlock

February 16

I know I should have written to you earlier, but my life, every day that I die, becomes more and more complicated, with situations that

my soulmate
Diary of a Warlock

February 20

A day like today an 18-year-old boy appeared in my life, tall, 1:82, with very big eyes and very thin. he had stayed

I am the void
Diary of a Warlock

February 22

So many things that go through the head at each dance of time in the air of pre-existence. So many ramifications of the same thought, of tears that

photo of an old tv
Diary of a Warlock

February 26

No matter how hard I try to write to you, I can't, there is always something that doesn't allow me, I have to do something important or attend to someone.

photo of thunderstorm
Diary of a Warlock

March 3

There are good days and bad days, and whoever says otherwise is lying or lives pampered by destiny. Today has been one of those days where

a man sleeping on a cardboard
Diary of a Warlock

March 6

You remember the "homeless" I was telling you about last Sunday, the one who was condemned to sleep in an ATM at 4 degrees. well ha

man standing beside swimming pool
Diary of a Warlock

March 8

Today I have lowered all my prices by "popular request", I have numerous clients who cannot pay me my fees and yet want access to my

grayscale photo of left human hand
Diary of a Warlock

March 26

It has taken me 18 days to write to you, more than two weeks without being alone with your pages, it seems to me that I have acted as one of

Diary of a Warlock

March 27

That's it, they've already given me the news, "Gloto" is dying, he has a metastasis from the tumor that I removed not even a year ago,

man in blue top facing sideways
Diary of a Warlock

March 29

Gloto gets worse, the vet says that he may have a few days to live and I don't know how to make him feel better, how to make him pass his last

broken boat at fishermen beach in uruguay
Diary of a Warlock

2 April

Today is Sunday, I have spent these days worried about the life of my cat «Gloto», she is getting weaker and weaker, and she staggers towards the

Greta and Mora
Diary of a Warlock

3 April

Today I got dressed late, at 2 noon I was still under the shower, coming back to life. My English teacher came to

psychologist, psychoanalysis
Diary of a Warlock

5 April

They have finally given me an appointment with the psychologist, after vigorously protesting my private medical insurance. He will see me on Thursday at 11 a.m.

Diary of a Warlock

6 April

I went to the psychologist at 11:XNUMX in the morning and the first visit, to be honest, did not go too well. In

Diary of a Warlock

7 April

Goodbye my girl, I will never be able to forget you, first it was Manchitas, then Basi, then Hilarita and now you my little girl, I can't take it anymore!, I'm dying with you

Streets of Santiago de Compostela
Diary of a Warlock

8 April

Today I spent the whole day away from home, I can't be there, everything falls on me. First I went to eat at the