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Santi MolezUn

Diary of Santi Molezun. Written sincerely and in the first person. Where we will know in an intimate way the life of the author, outside of clichés or stereotypes of preconceived ideas of the character of television and social networks. From this page you can also book an appointment for a consultation with him, or follow him to read this blog as it is updated.

Life after life
Diary of a Warlock

9 April

I got up at 11 in the morning, I have fed breakfast to cats and dogs, my furry family. after taking a shower

Sad farewell to Gloto
Diary of a Warlock

10 April

Today I traveled to Coruña to cremate Gloto, I had to do it if I wanted his ashes to be given to me before Easter. I put it

Diary of a Warlock

12 April

Today I had an appointment at 13 pm with my psychologist, my second consultation. This weekend I have been reflecting on everything that

Diary of a Warlock

16 April

Easter is coming to an end and my vacations are also coming to an end, on these dates of Easter I never send letters to anyone, nor do I practice any clairvoyance,

Alameda Park in Santiago de Compostela
Diary of a Warlock

18 April

This morning I went to the eye doctor, my eyes are red and they itch a lot, my eyes are tired and I also notice that they are

Karim is so handsome
Diary of a Warlock

May 2

I haven't written to you all these days because I hardly feel like telling you anything, it's funny sometimes I like to live life without telling you,

Street Music
Diary of a Warlock

May 8

Today my website begins in English, I have opened a new door to the world giving way to my international advertising campaign. Having a bilingual page

Carmen Nicholas
Diary of a Warlock

May 15

I have spent the whole week working on the selection of images that can now be projected on the Web, many still need to be uploaded to the server, but

Diary of a Warlock

May 21

I'm not going to apologize for not having written to you these days, I know you know I've been very busy, I haven't had the human time to sit down and

I have a bad character
Diary of a Warlock

May 22

My psychologist asks me why am I so aggressive? and she tries to correct my character so that I know how to speak better without hurting people

Queiruga Beach
Diary of a Warlock

May 25

Today I went at 6 in the afternoon, to the beach for the first time in this exhausting year, the days have already begun

TV interview
Diary of a Warlock

May 26

I have been preparing and designing two different advertisements that will occupy 2 pages of a magazine that will be edited by the LGTBIQ+ collective from Santiago de Compostela. will come out

María Fernanda Yepes plays María Magdalena in the biblical series
Diary of a Warlock

May 27

Today I went to the cinema to see "The Da Vinci Code". Regardless of whether the film is well made or not, discussion I had

Nobody better than you. Fangoria
Diary of a Warlock

May 28

Today I went back to the beach, which was well existed at 33 degrees Celsius. There were a lot more people than the other day, but

Mary Poppins wanted for gay home full of animals
Diary of a Warlock

11 June

This week I have gone to the beach every day, I am already tanned, the color on the skin is incredible how it favors us.On the street

Hans matheson
Diary of a Warlock

13 June

Tonight something quite important happened to me. Coming home from the movies, walking down the street, with every step I took I was remembering

Diary of a Warlock

18 June

What a week! What a movement of people in the mornings, I haven't stopped working from 10:00 am to noon. It's been a great

Abandoned dogs in Santiago de Compostela
Diary of a Warlock

19 June

Today I came with Sergio to eat at home after working in my practice, it was not a day at the beach, it was cloudy again. To name