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Santi MolezUn

Diary of Santi Molezun. Written sincerely and in the first person. Where we will know in an intimate way the life of the author, outside of clichés or stereotypes of preconceived ideas of the character of television and social networks. From this page you can also book an appointment for a consultation with him, or follow him to read this blog as it is updated.

Birthday Party
Diary of a Warlock

20 June

In the afternoon another candidate for my housekeeper came, I still can't find my Mary Poppins and the task continues. This seemed very

Diary of a Warlock

23 June

Today, the night of San Juan, I am going to open the store all morning, I will put my consultation on offer for only 5 euros per question

San Juan Day
Diary of a Warlock

24 June

Last night was very tiring, in the end, between some things and others, I went to bed at 5 in the morning, I'm

Dream interpretation
Diary of a Warlock

1 July

In the afternoon when the day is good I continue to enjoy the beach until dusk, sunbathing and sleeping on the sand.

Diary of a Warlock

3 July

I have proposed to go to bed every day at eleven at night, so as not to be so exhausted, the truth is that until now I had

My hairy daughter Mora
Diary of a Warlock

5 July

The operation on my dog ​​Mora has gone well, they have anesthetized her and they have removed the lump from her head, the poor thing now has

Opinions on Santi Molezún
Diary of a Warlock

7 July

SANTI MOLEZÚN'S OPINIONS Being sensible with one's life is a quality that should characterize the human being. We are born free and free we are

arson in my shop window
Diary of a Warlock

9 July

The police have been in the store all morning, the scientific police have also come to open an investigation into something that has happened

Viruses on mobile
Diary of a Warlock

10 July

My friend "Lorenzo" is quite shy, I went to the beach all weekend and I took 3 good books to disconnect

Queiruga semi-wild beach
Diary of a Warlock

11 July

Yesterday an epic full moon reigned in the sky, like a movie, majestic and big. It looked closely at the earth, so closely that it seemed

rose in the sea
Diary of a Warlock

14 July

Today has been a hard day, I have found out about the death of a friend, but not about a sudden death, or due to illness, no,

Diary of a Warlock

15 July

Sandy day, first I went to eat at my family's house and at 18:00 p.m. I went with Dani to the beach. It was full of

beach and rest
Diary of a Warlock

17 July

Dani has started a course that is required of him to be able to continue working where he is. Because of this you will not be able to come to

medieval market
Diary of a Warlock

23 July

Today Dani and I went to see my sister Helena at the beach, she is spending the summer in a very pretty town called «Corcubión, municipality of Cee,

Night of the Apostle Santiago
Diary of a Warlock

25 July

Today I am Saint: it is the day of Santiago Apóstol and on the 28th of this month I am celebrating my birthday, I am celebrating another five years.

Aramis Fuster
Diary of a Warlock

27 July

Today I went to the cinema to see the movie: "Poseidon", I did not like it at all, it did not bring me anything new, not even in its plot

Santi Molezun as a child
Diary of a Warlock

28 July


changed face
Diary of a Warlock

29 July

That's it, it's over, it hasn't hurt too much, I'm already one more year old... I'm doing well... I think if I put my stomach in to